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Part III: Other Publications/Sources/Titles

Other possible sources of stories or titles based on collected correspondence include the following:

Any of the below publications may contain additional stories not yet identified.

  • “Silent Knight” (This Week)
  • “Second Generation” (Colliers after February 10, 1942)
  • “No One But You” (Serial published prior to July 1949 by Aller Press – Scandanavian)
  • “Uptown Blues” (Rejected by Colliers June 24, 1949)
  • Novelette with Richard Mathison (American Magazine after April 25, 1951)
  • “The Good Job” (Rejected by Esquire May 31, 1951)
  • “Royal Elopement” (Cosmopolitan? after May 31, 1951)

Please contact us if you can provide copies of any magazines and/or stories by Eustace Cockrell not included in Part I of the above bibliography. Thank you for helping “Eustie.”