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Part II: Identified Stories and/or Publications Not In Collection

(If you have copies of these publications and/or can provide copies of the below stories, please contact us. Some of the dates for these stories may not be exact, reflecting when the story was purchased rather than when it was published.)

Blue Book

  • Blue Book (March 1932) “Gentlemen in Black.” (This story is by Eustace’s brother,
  • Frank Cockrell. However, it is part of a series in which the second part is written
    jointly by Eustace and Frank.)

Argosy Weekly  

  • Argosy Weekly (After January 6, 1941 and prior to October 5, 1940) “An Eye for An Eye.” (Could be same as “Second Sight.”)

Blue Book Magazine

  • Blue Book Magazine (November 1935) “A Man Names Smith.”
  • Blue Book Magazine (April 1941) “The Old Arm.”


  • Collier’s (January 20, 1942) “Love Came Borrowing.”
  • Collier’s (February 10, 1943) “Second Generation.”
  • Collier’s (June 20, 1943) (No title)


  • Cosmopolitan (May 7, 1951) “Amateur Gigolo.”

Esquire Magazine

  • Esquire Magazine (July 26, 1948) “Timid Angel.”

Fifteen Sports Stories

  • Fifteen Sports Stories (March 1949) “The Right Guy.”


  • Holland’s (February 1936) “Bill of Engagement.”
  • Holland’s (November 1940) “The Doctor’s Answer.” (See Grit)

This Week 

  • This Week (Los Angeles Times – December 15, 1946) “The Wynn Girl” (have script).